is a group of girls ages ranging from 7-16 that meet every 2nd and 4th Saturday from 12:30pm to 4:30pm. This mentoring program help build girls into strong, confident, independent young ladies.

Our mission is to bring girls together from all walks

of life to create a strong sisterhood that will empower,

motivate and uplift girls from all over the WORLD.

Pretty Blessed Girls Goals

Empowering girls to be pretty and blessed without compromising, through building their self esteem and teaching them independence and how to be effective leaders in their community.

Community Involved Projects

We give girls a chance to earn service hours while giving back to the community. This generates a sense of pride in them as they see the results of their contribution.


Make the difference in the life of a PBG today.

Tasha Thomas and Pretty Blessed Girls Mentoring Program are an amazing group of people.  They always do a wonderful job with the girls and the conference.  I love the love she has for the girls and the time the take with them.  Awesome group of Mentors and Volunteers

Moving from MS I was in search of a program that would allow my daughters to be comfortable and accepted!! Thank you for being obedient to God purpose in you wonderful women!! Please continue to hear from God and move by His spirit!!

Thank you Mrs Tasha Thomas and your team for your blessed mentoring program. The conference was such a blessing to the girls that attended . Our girls left the event happy ,motivated and more inform.

My two granddaughters had the pleasure of attending the 4th Annual Girls Empowerment Conference this past Sat.  I must say they had an amazing time and have talked about it to this day!  As a matter of fact, the oldest stood up in church the next day and spoke about her experience during testimonials.  My girls have been through a lot in their short lifetime, from abuse, neglect, and foster for them to be so excited and speak so greatly of an experience brings so much joy to me..the definitely will be attending future meetings and events...THANK YOU PRETTY BLESSED GIRLS MENTORING PROGRAM!!!!

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Pretty Blessed Girls

Mentoring Program

Tasha Thomas

PBG Director

3551 New York Ave.

Fort Worth, Texas 76110


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