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    Hello My name is Kamee Monson and I am the lead Empowerment Angel .I knew I wanted to empower young women from just a little girl.  The older I got and the more I experienced in life  I knew it was definitely my calling but I didn’t run to the calling right away, In fact I ran for a while  .I joined the PBG empowerment squad in 2018 after volunteering for the 2018 conference.  


I finally made the decision to walk the calling on my life because I felt at that moment my life I was mentally and physically ready take on mentoring. I believe you have to be in a good head space to come in and mentor thoroughly and effectively. I feel I have made several positive impacts on many young ladies lives with the good the bad and the ugly because at the end of the day they learned a lesson and still received the love.


    PBG hasn’t just impacted my life ,but  impacts my life every day because I know I have young women watching my every move as an example of how they should carry themselves. Since joining the squad I have gained a whole loving family outside of my own.   Joining the PBG family was one of the best decisions I could have made in my life. I love all my PBG family and there’d nothing they can do about it but love me back!!!


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